Resources on Sexual Harassment and Assault in the Jewish Community


Upcoming Trainings

April 2018 – Training to produce the first group of certified harassment prevention trainers serving our community. Fran Sepler, who has been selected by the EEOC to develop their national curriculum on safe and respectful workplaces, will lead. Please fill out this form to indicate your interest in such a training.

April 2018 – Good, Better, Best: Creating Safe Respectful Cultures Through Competence & Compassion with Fran Sepler will get your organization up to speed on policies, procedures and training on sexual harassment.

Past Trainings

January 2018 – #MeToo From The Pulpit:A Rabbi’s Role In Creating Safe Respectful Synagogue Communities with Fran Sepler and Rabbi Rachel Ain.

September 2017 – Reducing the Risk Of Harassment In Fundraising with Prof. Richard Waters

June 2017 – materials from Ending Indifference To Harassment In The Jewish Community


Research conducted in January 2017 around sexual harassment in the Jewish community.

Creating Organizational Harassment Policies

Sacred Spaces, Ethics Code for Jewish Leaders

The Religious Institute, Sexually Safer Congregations

One Table, Code of Conduct for Guests

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: Promising Practices for Preventing Harassment, Bystander Intervention Tips and Consent Guide

Linda Gordon Howard, The Sexual Harassment Handbook

Not in Our House, a Chicago-based movement founded to fight against sexual discrimination and harassment as well as gender-based violence in the theater community


Rachel Monroe, Here’s How to End the Culture of Sexual Harassment

Social Media

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