A unique aspect of the Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York is the opportunity to sit on deliberative grantmaking committees. Not only do you get to have your voice heard, but you also learn about intentional philanthropy and best practices in grantmaking. Leveraging your dollars with other women is a way to bring about the social change you desire. Other committee opportunities include occasions for members to bring their expertise, learn a skill and/or help guide the direction of JWFNY.

Donors of $2,500 or more per year may serve as voting members on committees. Join us and make your gift today which enables us to expand our reach and grow our impact. Please continue a rich history of hands-on decision-making at the Foundation by signing up to participate. We grant well more than what is collected through committee membership. If you are in the position to give more, please do.

The ongoing support of active committee participants is an integral part of JWFNY. Your leadership as decision-makers on committees is greatly appreciated.

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Development Committee

This committee works to plan and execute fundraising, outreach, marketing, and public relations efforts. Members are responsible for identifying strategies, membership and donor prospects, and planning fundraising events.

Education, Advocacy, & Outreach Committee

This committee is in charge of the planning and follow-up for public symposia. The topics of the symposia will be determined by the Committee and will be related to our grantmaking themes. Event follow-up will include further supporting the topics that we present at the events.

Finance Committee

This committee meets quarterly to review financial statements, investment reports, and oversee the budget.

Grants Committees

JWFNY grants focus on our core funding areas including economic security, leadership advancement, health and well-being, and social-entrepreneurship. Members review proposals, interview potential grantees, and make grant recommendations to the Board of Directors.

IsraelĀ Grants

This committee allocates programmatic support to organizations in Israel that focus on our core funding areas. No previous knowledge or travel to Israel required.

New York Grants

This committee allocates programmatic support to organizations in New York and the metropolitan area that focus on our core funding areas.

Renewal Grants

Renewal Grants offers an opportunity for JWFNY to offer renewal and repeat funding to New York Metropolitan grantee partners. This committee will allocate program and general operating support. It is asked that those who sign up for this committee have participated on the New York Metropolitan Grants Committee for at least the two previous years.

Start-Up Grants

This committee allocates smaller-sized grants to New York-based start-up organizations with operating budgets under $500,000 that have been in existence for 1-7 years. Grants are for general operating, capacity building or programmatic support.

Research Committee

This committee explores best practices in grantmaking and makes improvements to our process, management and impact evaluation.




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