As Jews, as women, it up to us to wrestle with injustice through teaching, learning, speaking up, and taking action.

JWFNY advocacy begins with our grantee partners, and reaches out to include City, State, and National organizations. Our affiliations include PowHer NY, a network of organizations and individuals that come together to accelerate economic fairness for New York women, and the New York State Anti-Trafficking Coalition, a coalition to increase public awareness of human trafficking in our communities, enact anti-trafficking laws, improve law enforcement response, and increase social services to help women and girls escape trafficking.

Paid Family Leave

We put our money where our values are. Because we believe workplace practices are such a vital issue for women and families, JWFNY has advocated for paid family leave for many years and strongly supported the passing of the paid family leave law in New York State.

We are, in fact, the first foundation in the United States to insist on four weeks paid parental leave—for mothers and for fathers—for grantee partners. We also encourage, but not require, organizations to have a paid family leave policy that enables employees to take paid-time off from work to care for a sick family member.

If your organization does not have a paid parental leave policy and is considering establishing one, read JWFNY’s Resources for Employers Considering a Paid Parental Leave Policy.

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Education and Outreach

At JWFNY, we learn together, Board members, donors, grantees, and professional staff-and take what we learn to the community around us.

Throughout the year, we invite JWFNY members, friends and the community-at-large to attend our educational outreach programs. We learn from extraordinary experts about a wide range of subjects, such as: anxiety and depression among teenage girls, financial literacy, Jewish women of color, women without children, and sexual violence. View these video recordings from our recent events:

Women of Color in the Jewish Community

In the greater New York area alone, there are 66,000 women of color in the Jewish community. Women of color have the means to participate in Jewish philanthropy but their voices until now have been neither sought nor embraced.

Women Without Children in the Jewish Community

We are a very child-centered community, and have work to do to welcome and include women who don’t have children and advocate on their behalf. We amplified the voices of two women without children who shared ways we can create a more welcoming community.

Rape Culture

How girls and women are portrayed in the media affects our responses and behavior. We examined how we could give our girls the tools necessary to shift toward a culture of consent.

Adolescent Mental Health

Suicide is the leading cause of death in adolescent girls. We invited experts to share the latest findings and techniques to help prevent suicide in our children.