How to Apply

Beginning in 2019, JWFNY is redefining its scope and its relationship with its valued, visionary, and change making grantees, the greater pool of women entrepreneurs focused on uplifting women and girls, and financial and creative supporters passionate about such interests.

We aim to mold a thriving community of social innovation, incubation, engagement, and support in expansive and emboldened ways. We will support Jewish women social entrepreneurs who are working with populations on the margins, amplifying young voices, and engaging in community and movement building. We are building The Collective, a hub for these entrepreneurs and leaders.

If you believe that you meet the eligibility requirements outlined below, please complete the form at the bottom of the page to tell us more about your work.


Eligibility Requirements

● Organizations must be run or founded by a Jewish woman who is currently using her
Jewish values to create change for women and girls throughout the world.
● The work of the organization must focus on addressing a social problem that primarily
affects women and/or girls (but can, secondarily affect other community members).
● Organizations must be registered as a nonprofit in the United States or hold an
equivalent incorporation status in their home country and must not fund individuals,
direct lobbying expenses to influence legislation/elections, or programs that discriminate
on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age, or disability.
● Organizations must provide innovation or an innovative approach to solving an intractable pressing universal problem.
● Organizations must provide a catalyst for growth – for the organization or a specific program.
● Organizations need to embrace the importance of knowledge transfer within the social
including from one grantee to another.

Benefits to Collective Members

When an entrepreneur becomes part of the Collective, she receives:
● 3 years of capacity building/general operating funding
● An invitation as our guest to annual convening in year 1 (including travel-related expenses)
● Intermittent networking and skills-building activities via webinar
● On-line network of Jewish women social entrepreneurs
● Opportunities to meet with JWFNY members when visiting NY; visits from JWFNY
members when they are in her city (pending availability)
● Up to $5,000 to use for professional development over the course of the first year
● Membership in the Collective for as long as she chooses



Information Form for Jewish Women Social Entrepreneurs and Leaders

If you are a Jewish woman social entrepreneur or organizational leader and would like to be considered as a member of The JWFNY Collective, please provide the information requested below. Prior to completing the form, please make sure you meet our eligibility requirements:
  • For the following questions, please provide brief answers less than 1,500 characters (about 200 words).

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.