Yearly Archives: 2019

A Balancing Act: International Women’s Day

By Natasha Mayer   International Women’s Day has been observed since 1911 to celebrate the achievements of women in the … read more

Why Are Women Outnumbered on the Opinion Pages?

In response to a letter from Kimberly Probolus, “A Woman’s Plea: Let’s Raise Our Voices!” in The New York Times, … read more

Changing the Conversation about Mental Health

By Natasha Mayer When Sophie Riegel first began teaching about anxiety, she was in seventh grade. Sophie had experienced bullying … read more

An Era of Bitchification

How has it become normative for women and girls to be publicly shamed for the same qualities that cause men … read more

Over 80% of American Women are One Paycheck Away from Homelessness: The Impact on Women of Missed Paychecks During the Government Shutdown

By Natasha Mayer   The longest government shutdown in US history, which lasted 35 days, came to a (temporary) close … read more

The Best a Man Can Be

by Rachel Siegel Gillette – a company previously known mostly for their advertisements directed at men filled with stereotypical representations … read more

Israeli Law To Help Women Leave Prostitution

by Jamie Allen Black For many years, decreasing human trafficking (both labor and sex) has been difficult in Israel. In … read more