B’Kavod Hires National Resource Director




February 25, 2019 – One of the challenges of addressing gender harassment and abuse in the Jewish communal workplace is the dearth of resources known to those who need them. As organizations move toward legal and ethical compliance, there has been a scramble to find the right trainer, coach, lawyer, trauma expert, etc. who can work specifically with Jewish organizations—professionals who understand the complexity of the community. Often, organizational leadership is unaware of the resources available and often duplicate efforts thus recreating programming that already exists.


After a full year, B’Kavod, an initiative of the Good People Fund and the Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York, has successfully delivered trainings to over 50 organizations throughout the United States including Federations, synagogues, educational institutions, social justice organizations, and other Jewish communal agencies. This work has established enough momentum to create the role of National Resource Director. The position is funded in pa

rtnership with the Safety/Respect/Equity Coalition and is designed to create a go-to address for the Jewish community to respond to these issues.


B’Kavod has fostered two specific initiatives – Safe Respectful Workplace training and an infoline which serves as a place for individuals to both report and receive support around abuse-related incidents. In addition to these resources, the National Resource Director’s office will also act as a clearinghouse and make available to anyone in the Jewish world additional available resources to guide them towards securing the professional support they need.


We are thrilled to announce that we have hired Nicole Nevarez for the role of National Resource Director to lead these efforts. Having most recently served for nearly seven years as New York Director for Moving Traditions, Nicole brings her experience as a Jewish educator, trainer, and facilitator to this role. She has held multiple leadership and department head positions for Jewish organizations and NYC non-profit theatres. In addition to her work with B’Kavod, Nicole provides independent consulting to mission critical organizations to support them in reflecting their mission and values in internal processes and culture. Nicole also teaches, facilitates, presents and coaches privately on a variety of social emotional topics including teen wellness, Jewish values, women’s empowerment, career development, self-discovery and more.

Naomi Eisenberger, founder and Executive Director of The Good People Fund, commented,


“B’Kavod’s origins began as the ad hoc efforts of three individuals already deeply involved in the Jewish communal world. Jamie Allen Black, and Martin Kaminer, and I are all extraordinarily pleased to see how this grass-roots movement has taken hold and have already witnessed Nicole’s competency and organizational abilities. We have no doubt that in her very capable hands this critically important work will expand even further.”


As the issue of safety and respect in the Jewish communal world continues to evolve, Nicole is available to address any questions or concerns and welcomes all communication. She can be reached at Nicole@jewishwomenny.org.

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