A Gift for Our Grantees on Giving Tuesday

The Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York usually utilizes Giving Tuesday as a day to ask for donations from our friends and donors. This year, we feel it necessary to partake in the giving.

Our grantee partners are among our most important stakeholders, and without them, our work would not be possible. To express our gratitude and further their individual goals, JWFNY is sponsoring one woman professional from each of our current grantee organizations to partake in JOIN for Justice’s online course, Don’t Kvetch, Organize!

The seven week online training course, co-sponsored by JWFNY, examines different ways that community organizing has been used to build a more just world for all and how our Jewish tradition and history inform our own commitments and approaches to acting for justice. For more information about Don’t Kvetch, Organize! go to the FAQs Page.

JWFNY network members and staff know from personal experience that the Don’t Kvetch course helps strengthen the connection between our Jewish identity and the causes we care about, as well as hone our ability to mobilize within their community. With this course, we hope our grantees will expand or begin their grassroots organizing efforts, furthering their innovative and vital work.

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