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Event on December 5th: Shifting the Paradigm from Rape Culture to Consent Culture

How Many Women Does it Take to Build a Rainbow?

By Miriam Libove   When I was in elementary school, my best friend, Melissa, had a poster on her bedroom … read more

Adolescent Girls’ Mental Health Calls for a Refuah Shleyma

By Miriam Libove During the JWFNY “Spotlight on Adolescent Girls’ Mental Health” event on September 14th, Joanne Harpel, a noted … read more

Many Good Choices to Serve People With Limited Choices

  By Miriam Libove   I never knew there were so many inspiring nonprofits run by Jewish women. However, I … read more

When They Say, “Welcome Aboard,” They Really Mean It

by Miriam Libove How many people can say that their third week at a new job started out on a … read more

 Live from the Lilith Blog August 11, 2016 by Amelia Dornbush This Jewish Women’s Foundation New Grant Policy Is Already … read more

Making Work Work

In an effort to create awareness and support the needs of women and their families, JWFNY has dedicated many working … read more

The Science of Blaming the Victim

Written by Jamie Allen Black I’m still surprised when I see that people still “blame the victim.” Doesn’t everyone watch … read more

Helping Women Close the Retirement Gap

We all know that there is a gender pay gap in the workforce, but a gender gap in retirement? According … read more

Tell Us What You Want What You Really Really Want…

Here are a few things the Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York really really wants: Using the #WhatIReallyReallyWant hashtag, share … read more

2016 Annual Meeting Recap & Grant Recipients

Thank you for being a part of our 2016 Annual Meeting! On June 9th, we celebrated the work of JWFNY … read more

Exploring the “Jewish” in Jewish Giving Circles

By Stephanie Blumenkranz, Rachel Siegel and Julie Sissman “Some of you have been sitting on the Jewish Women’s Foundation of … read more