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In an effort to create awareness and support the needs of women and their families, JWFNY has dedicated many working hours to developing a paid parental leave eligibility requirement for our New York Metropolitan grant applicants.

Adding the requirement demonstrates our stance that organizations with internal structures that support new parents are stronger and better equipped to provide their employees with the tools they need to thrive. JWFNY participant Julie Sissman explains:

It is important to be bold and not stand on the sidelines of the national conversation about parental leave. To achieve gender equity we need systems in place that break women and men and people of all gender identities out of gender-stereotyped silos and assumptions. All employees starting their lives as new parents need equal support. Paid parental leave is a key component of creating real change.

It is this prevailing sentiment that led us to create the requirement and has made us a strong supporter of paid parental leave.

We have been advocates on behalf of paid parental leave at the organizational, state, and national levels and have awarded over $100,000 in support of the cause. Additionally, JWFNY was one of the first organizations to sign on to Advancing Women Professionals and Jewish Community’s Better Work, Better Life Campaign as a Gold Standard Bearer, offering our employees 12 weeks of paid parental leave and flexible scheduling.

Learn more about our paid parental leave requirement for grant applicants in The Forward, You Won’t Support Paid Parental Leave? Then We Won’t Give You a Grant.

If your organization doesn’t offer paid parental leave, check out our Resources for Employers Considering a Paid Parental Leave Policy.

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