Slingshot Supplement on Women and Girls

Today, Slingshot Fund released the first ever Supplement on Women & Girls funded by the Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York!  Read Joy Sisisky’s letter in the supplement:

The Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York (JWFNY) has partnered with Slingshot to create the first Slingshot Supplement on Women & Girls, focused on innovative Jewish organizations that make a specific impact on women and girls. This supplement seeks to develop and share important resources for both funders and professionals while bringing increased awareness and philanthropic resources to the field.

We are surprised and delighted to have received more than 40 applications from a variety of organizations within 13 cities in 3 countries. We proudly highlight the organizations featured here and find ourselves even more encouraged by the many others that address the needs of women and girls, even if this guide does not call attention to their accomplishments this year. While this guide highlights outstanding women-specific organizations, we happily feature them side-by-side with other more traditional and established institutions that also create long-term social change for women and girls. This shared responsibility inspires and motivates our work to create a just world.

The criteria for selecting organizations to feature in the Slingshot Supplement are particularly important. In addition to the Slingshot guide’s standards around innovation, impact, strong leadership, and organizational effectiveness, we have asked organizations or projects to address issues of long-term social change for women and girls, how they develop tactics and activities using a gender lens, and the policies and approaches they have in place that advance women in their workplaces (e.g., flexible work schedules, parental leave, or other work-life balance strategies). In our opinion, these factors remain critical for both success and innovation.

The Jewish women’s funding movement began more than two decades ago in response to both the lack of resources dedicated to issues affecting women and girls and a dearth of women leaders in top positions or with decision-making authority at communal institutions. Today, nearly two dozen Jewish women’s funds operate in the US and Israel, characterized by an exacting focus on social change. This shared objective seeks to create lasting, system-wide change by addressing root causes of issues and improving the landscape for women and girls in the Jewish community.

This year, we at the Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York celebrate our 18th anniversary. We work to promote economic, religious, social, and political equality for women and girls in the Jewish community in New York, Israel, and beyond. To realize this, we utilize strategic and innovative grantmaking, education, and advocacy to create lasting change. Just some of the critical issues faced by women and girls in our community, and also addressed in this Slingshot Supplement, include: leadership development, breaking the stained-glass ceiling, health and well-being, bullying, financial literacy, career training, and breast cancer.

We hope that this supplemental guide brings not only awareness and resources but also systematic, institutional change to the way our Jewish communities address issues that affect women and girls. Whether you are an individual philanthropist, part of a family foundation, or a member of your Jewish federation’s planning and allocation committee, I urge you to think about how you can use a gender lens in all areas of your philanthropy, grantmaking, and programming. Please allow this tool to be a first step or the next stage in your strategic thinking for the future of our community.

Click here to download the guide and supplement.

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