JWFNY Funds Slingshot Women and Girls Supplement





Now Accepting Applications!

Slingshot, in partnership with the Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York, is pleased to announce that applications for the new Slingshot Women and Girls Supplement are now being accepted.

Visit www.slingshotfund.org to access the application and apply by January 25, 2013.

  • What is Slingshot?     
    Slingshot ’13-’14 will list the most innovative projects and organizations in the North American Jewish community. Please encourage organizations that inspire you to apply!
  • What is the Slingshot Women and Girls Supplement?
    The supplement guide will highlight the 15-20 most innovative Jewish projects and organizations doing innovative work on behalf of women and girls.
  • Who reads Slingshot?                     
    Thousands of hard copies of Slingshot and the supplements are distributed to funders of all ages, foundation professionals, federation executives, Jewish community professionals, and other Jews searching for inspirational projects and organizations.
  • Why should I apply?       
    Inclusion in the Women and Girls Supplement can help your organization generate press, funds, new participants and partnerships with other innovative organizations. Slingshot also exposes featured organizations to a network of next gen funders. The bottom line – Slingshot is a national seal of approval that can be used to further a variety of goals in creative ways.

Please visit www.slingshotfund.org for more information!

For questions, please contact Julie Finkelstein, Program Director, at Julie@slingshotfund.org.

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