Blog: Starting the New Year

As many of us make preparations for the upcoming holidays, I wanted to share some of the exciting ways the Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York began the season. On September 12th, JWFNY members were joined by guests from the NY Women’s Foundation, to hear Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney address some of the issues and challenges women face in these difficult times. Our current granting theme of Economic Security for Women was a major focus of her discussion. Congresswoman Maloney’s energy and dedication empowered us to continue our commitment to the less fortunate in our community. We were honored to have such a memorable event mark the beginning of our year.

Two days later, our first Board meeting took place at FEGS where, in addition to taking care of Board business, we heard from professionals who are in charge of the Thypin/Oltchick Institute. As one of our 2011 grantees, the Institute treated us to an initial look at how our dollars are being used to guide Jewish women in their individual pursuit of entrepreneurial careers. Perhaps most gratifying was hearing directly from someone who has already benefitted from this program. In a world where many of us feel paralyzed and frustrated in our ability to make a difference this was a singularly rewarding moment.  Anyone who participated in the JWFNY Domestic Grant’s Committee that voted to fund the Thypin-Oltchick Institute program must have felt particularly proud.

I look forward to more memorable events throughout the year. Please join us in the New Year as the JWFNY determines new ways to ensure that we continue to make a difference.

– Madeleine R. Grant, President

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